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Stephan Föhr Moderation Preisverleihung Ambiente 2018


Sie suchen die passende Moderation für Ihre Veranstaltung?
Stephan Föhr Interview Tobias Reichmann Linde Stapler Cup 2019

"Stephan was employed to present our very first Awards night. My staff were nervous as indeed was I. Stephan immediately put our minds at ease. He was very easy to work with taking direction as to the tone we wanted while adding his own opinion, which helped greatly. He put my colleagues minds at rest and gave them the confidence to put on an exceptional event. I have been to many events and the quality of presenters has varied greatly and I am delighted to say Stephan brought a professional, sophisticated and warm tone which the audience warmed to and enjoyed. I can honestly say that he helped make the awards night the success it was. I cannot recommend Stephan highly enough!"

Mark Naish, Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2018-2020

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